A Different World



We are definitely living in a different world. I almost find it hard to believe at times. With the help of a small device (I’m specifically referring to the iPhone, yet there are so many  others that have similar features) we can browse movies, manage bank activity, listen to music, among access to many other applications. Throughout my collegiate career I have become familiar with many technologies and find it remarkable that a couple of years makes all the difference. A couple of years ago I never would  have thought that I would be on a bus ride back to Baltimore listening to music, checking my email, and blogging about these changes in technology.

Well, guess what? I am! I am anxious to see what the future will bring and am ready to embrace it. I feel that it is necessary to embrace these  technologies to stay ahead of the competition. It is the tools that are available at our fingertips that make this “A Different World.” Years ago there wasn’t the exhaustive search options that are available as well as the social networking capabilities that have become a part of our everyday life. My favorite question is the following: How did we spend our time before Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, among others? It should be interesting to see what the future has in store.



Published by Dov Hoffman

Account Director - Havas Helia | VP Programming + Past President - AMA Baltimore | Towson University - Alumni

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