The Associate: Week Six

26 04 2010


This week differed from previous boardroom sessions of as two of the candidates, Justina Whyte and Nicholas Price did not move on in The Associate competition. Advancing to the next round, Allison Murray and myself were presented with the final case from McCormick and Company. It was quite fitting that the final case was on Grill Mates, a sub-brand designed specifically for grilled foods since the entire competition was sponsored by McCormick and Company.

The objective for this case was:

  • Who should the primary consumer be for Grill Mates?

Key questions included, but were not limited to:

  • Should the primary consumer be the male user or the female purchaser?
  • What should the ratio be between the primary and secondary target audiences?
  • How can Grill Mates drive awareness with the selected target audience outside of traditional advertising?

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