The Associate: Week Four

17 04 2010


Three cases down and Team R.O.S.E. recently came off a two case win streak. R2integrated, a web marketing and technology firm headquartered in Baltimore, MD presented the fourth case for The Associate competition. R2integrated offers services and solutions that are used in the creation and management of web sites, campaign infrastructures, digital tools, and rich content. I find it quite ironic as this was the second company which presented a case challenge where I have previously interned at.

The objective for this case was:

  • The company would like to expand its available market, both geographically as well as their client profile. The questions are where and how.

Key questions included, but were not limited to:

  • Which geographic markets make the most sense?
  • What type of channel (direct/indirect)?
  • How do they generate awareness and leads in remote locations?
  • How do they support a remote sales effort to close business?

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