The Associate: Week Two

10 03 2010


Two cases down, three more to go, as well as an interview. This is the path that follows until the end of the competition for the remaining six candidates participating on The Associate. This past week both teams were presented with a case from Target Corporation. The objective for the case was:

  • How can Target better utilize technology to innovate their food strategy so their guests think of Target first when it comes to food?

Team R.O.S.E. consisting of myself, Mark Preston, and Justina Whyte came up with a number of solutions for Target Corporation after spending an exhaustive amount of time exploring the company, making onsite visits, speaking with numerous Target team members, as well as conducting online research. Team R.O.S.E. also explored the various technologies that are available on the market before reaching any conclusions and evaluated how realistic these could be implemented in the Target stores nationwide.

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