The Associate: Week Five


After the judges determined that Mark Preston would be eliminated from Team R.O.S.E. following the presentation to R2integrated, the four candidates remaining had a short period of time before they reached the next stage of The Associate competition. While the entire competition has been an extremely time intensive process, it felt more so as interviews with the McCormick team were approaching. The following morning Allison Murray, Justina Whyte, Nicholas Price, and myself interviewed with four representatives from various departments within McCormick and Company. This gave the interviewers the opportunity to learn more about the candidates as we gained additional information about the company’s cultures and core values.

I felt fairly confident about the interviews anticipating the outcome of who was remaining in the week to come. It was a learning experience with the representatives from finance, human resources, consumer products, as well as marketing and innovation as I’ve never encountered round robin interviews, let alone four in one sitting. It is imperative to devote proper preparation for the interview process and I exhaustively researched McCormick and Company using online resources to identify the culture which is fostered on a daily routine, core values, and company history to improve my knowledge of the company that we were all vying for a position with.

With one more week before the final case I am looking forward to the competition winding down as the prize is looming closer.

Stay tuned for the results from the interviews as well as updates on the final case.



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