Graduation Is Approaching – Tips to Land a Job

21 04 2011


Originally posted on AMA Baltimore‘s blog, Graduation Is Approaching – Tips to Land a Job

Within the next few weeks, many college students who have spent the last four years (or in some cases, there are those who completed an “extra lap” or two) will enter the job market. During this time, the majority of these bright individuals will be gearing up to enter the workforce.

However, there are plenty of other job seekers out there looking for employment in addition to the graduating class of 2011. A year ago, I faced a similar challenge: how to overcome the increasing unemployment rate and add myself as an employed professional. Throughout the last few years, I’ve come up with a number of tips and tricks that I have used for every company that I’ve interviewed with to date.  Below, I’ve outlined these with some notes next to each one. Read the rest of this entry »

The Importance of Student Organizations

24 01 2011


Over the past couple of years, I have formed a pretty strong opinion about the importance of student organizations. As a recent graduate from the College of Business and Economics at Towson University, my participation in various student organizations helped pave my current career path. Quite frankly, I never would have thought that I would have ended my college career the way I did. By the time I graduated, I was a recipient of five scholarships, had completed four internships, was named to the dean’s list three times, honored for a Vice President of Student Affairs Award and College of Business and Economics Outstanding Graduate. In addition, I placed as a finalist in the College of Business and EconomicsThe Associate competition. Read the rest of this entry »

Success Tips for Today’s College Students

1 11 2010


After speaking with fellow graduates and business professionals, I realized that we share some common thoughts about today’s college students entering the workforce. With the unemployment rate reaching a high point of 10.1% in October 2009 during the recession, it is surprising that more students are not taking advantage of the opportunities in front of them to improve their chances of landing a job. Thus, they could build a foundation for their network. Recently, the unemployment rate was 9.6% in September 2010 on a national level. This number increased at an even higher 14.8% for for the population aged between 20 – 24. It would seem that with fewer jobs available and hiring freezes taking place students would make more of an effort to set themselves apart in this competitive job market. Could it be that they are unaware of success tips? Read the rest of this entry »

The Power of Networking

27 07 2010



I often hear people say “it’s not what you know, rather it’s who you know.” As I recently landed my first job out of college through the power of networking I have taken this phrase to heart. The story that I’m about to tell is a textbook example of how networking can pave a successful path. All you have to do is execute effective networking.

Last year during my summer internship I attended an intern event. There were representatives from different business units who shared their insights with approximately 100 interns. Since my role during that summer was managing Leadership Development training sessions with little focus on e-Business or Marketing, I jumped at every opportunity to reach out to such departments that touched on these fields. One of the representatives at this event was from our subsidiary company and happened to be in a marketing role. I would have reached out to her at the end of the event, but was unable to speak with her. As soon as I returned to my desk I sent her an email expressing my interest to speak with her about her role and how she got there. I was expecting no more than an hour of her time to engage in a conversation about her career path. Read the rest of this entry »

The Associate: Week Five

19 04 2010


After the judges determined that Mark Preston would be eliminated from Team R.O.S.E. following the presentation to R2integrated, the four candidates remaining had a short period of time before they reached the next stage of The Associate competition. While the entire competition has been an extremely time intensive process, it felt more so as interviews with the McCormick team were approaching. The following morning Allison Murray, Justina Whyte, Nicholas Price, and myself interviewed with four representatives from various departments within McCormick and Company. This gave the interviewers the opportunity to learn more about the candidates as we gained additional information about the company’s cultures and core values. Read the rest of this entry »