The Associate: Towson University’s version of The Apprentice

10 02 2010


The Associate is an annual competition that takes place within the College of Business and Economics at Towson University every spring semester. The competition entering its sixth season is a spin-off of The Apprentice, the well known show that Donald Trump created back in 2004. His show brings in contestants from around the world to participate in an elimination style competition. The winner acts as an apprentice to Donald as they serve as the president for one of his companies. The Associate competition is comprised of eight qualified candidates that are determined by a selection committee within the university. The eight individuals are split up into two teams as they prepare presentations, marketing plans, and other materials that are showcased at weekly boardroom style meetings. Unfortunately, each week one of the candidates will be “fired” by a panel of judges that is headed by the “Donald.” While the opportunity for the winner of The Associate isn’t to serve as an apprentice to Donald Trump, the last one standing earns a guaranteed position at the respective company of the “Donald.” The “Donald” for this year is Alan Wilson, CEO and President of McCormick and Company.

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