The ME in Social MEdia. So What?

In the last few years everyone seems to be talking about social media. The buzz is in the hallways throughout college campuses. It has become a topic of discussion at board meetings and is highlighted in the news on a regular basis. A question which has been asked (and is still being asked) speaks toContinue reading “The ME in Social MEdia. So What?”

How to Effectively Manage Large Projects

A constant challenge which we all face is managing large projects and wrapping our arms around our to-do lists. It seems like the minutes, hours, days, and weeks fly by ever so quickly that before we know it the next season has arrived. There are a number of tips to stick with to ensure thatContinue reading “How to Effectively Manage Large Projects”

The Power of Networking

I often hear people say “it’s not what you know, rather it’s who you know.” As I recently landed my first job out of college through the power of networking I have taken this phrase to heart. The story that I’m about to tell is a textbook example of how networking can pave a successfulContinue reading “The Power of Networking”

The Associate: Week Seven

“All good things must come to an end” — at first this is how I felt after I heard Alan Wilson, CEO and President of McCormick and Company tell Allison Murray “you’re hired.” Making it through six cases, four interviews, and a handful of all-nighters throughout The Associate competition I felt defeated to find out thatContinue reading “The Associate: Week Seven”

The Associate: Week Six

This week differed from previous boardroom sessions of as two of the candidates, Justina Whyte and Nicholas Price did not move on in The Associate competition. Advancing to the next round, Allison Murray and myself were presented with the final case from McCormick and Company. It was quite fitting that the final case was onContinue reading “The Associate: Week Six”

The Associate: Week Five

After the judges determined that Mark Preston would be eliminated from Team R.O.S.E. following the presentation to R2integrated, the four candidates remaining had a short period of time before they reached the next stage of The Associate competition. While the entire competition has been an extremely time intensive process, it felt more so as interviewsContinue reading “The Associate: Week Five”

The Associate: Week Four

Three cases down and Team R.O.S.E. recently came off a two case win streak. R2integrated, a web marketing and technology firm headquartered in Baltimore, MD presented the fourth case for The Associate competition. R2integrated offers services and solutions that are used in the creation and management of web sites, campaign infrastructures, digital tools, and richContinue reading “The Associate: Week Four”

Attention Students: Get Ready, Get Set, Go.

This sounds like the beginning of a race, doesn’t it? Don’t be confused with the type of race that involves a gun that announces the beginning, and a ribbon that someone cuts through with their last victory lap as the end. This is the kind of race that college students are competing for. Well, atContinue reading “Attention Students: Get Ready, Get Set, Go.”

The Associate: Week Three

MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Services, LLC presented the third case and the six remaining candidates on The Associate competition would experience long nights and dedicate time for yet another week. The objective for the MacKenzie Healthcare Challenge was: To help medical practices and healthcare firms capture a competitive advantage through site selection and lease negotiation. TheContinue reading “The Associate: Week Three”